ATID (Advancing Temple Institutional Development) is an organization for professionals working in a Development capacity in progressive synagogues in the US and Canada.  We foster professional connections and share resources to strengthen Financial Resource Development in synagogues across North America.  Welcome!

ATID Documents

Code of Ethics

As members of ATID, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. Our Code of Ethics is intended to provide not only the expectations and standards of our members, but the structures and processes necessary to implement and enforce this Code.

The Code of Conduct is a living document that is regularly updated and revised. As a condition of membership, our members are required to affirm their commitment to the Code of Ethics. 

Click here for the ATID Code of Ethics.

Salary Survey

In 2023, ATID conducted a comprehensive survey of synagogue development professionals to evaluate current practices and trends related to the compensation packages of professionals. The survey enables us to better understand how salary and benefits packages vary according to experience, the size of congregations, the cost of living in different markets, and other factors. This data empowers professionals to advocate for themselves, and aids synagogues in understanding the cost of hiring and keeping experienced professionals.

ATID is committed to promoting salary transparency, pay equity, and fair compensation for all. We desire to empower professionals and congregations with accurate, relevant, and timely information.

Click here for the ATID Salary Survey Report.